I’m a London based artist creating artwork on canvas, canvas board and corrugated cardboard.

I create commissioned family portraits, often given as surprise gifts for special birthdays and anniversaries. I also sell artwork from my gallery and on Etsy.com

I often work from photos, depicting everyday moments in life that tell a bit of a story, capture a sense of movement in each picture. My first love which I keep returning to is oil pastel on corrugated cardboard.  I discovered this by chance rummaging through a recycling bin having run out of paper! I really enjoy using the raised lines of cardboard to create a counterpoint for the lights and darks of an image. And I’m currently playing with using this texturing to fade in and out of outlines, giving the effect of people emerging from and being in harmony with their background.

Have a look at the ‘Gallery’ page to see more of my work, or the 'Commissions' page to find out more about commissioning a portrait. Or just cut to the chase, and get in touch on the ‘Contact’ page!


Lesley Cook Headshots

Lesley Cook Headshots